, Jim Rogers Blog: Moscow and Beijing Are Cozying Up for This Key Reason

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Moscow and Beijing Are Cozying Up for This Key Reason

"The sanctions are pushing the Russians and the Chinese together," warned Rogers. "When you come to Moscow or St. Petersburg airport now the Chinese are everywhere."

We've been meticulously following the close relationship between China and Russia for years.

You see, China and Russia are colluding to shift away from dollar- and euro-based trade and revert back to a true gold standard.

"China and Russia have had enough of Western central bankers' clandestine gold price manipulation to prop up the U.S. dollar," we said in 2015, shortly after the sanctions were imposed. "Creation of a new gold market is just one way China and Russia aim to take down the U.S. dollar."

And now, with the rise of Russia's economy, they are closer than ever to doing just that.

If this gold-based trade expands to other large nations, it could cause a rush to safe-haven investments like the yellow metal.

But the smart investors – the ones who have been watching this trend as it unfolds – will buy up shares in the gold miners.

And Money Morning Executive Editor Bill Patalon – our champion stock picker and global trend expert – has identified one gold mining stock that is poised to soar as gold-based trade sweeps the globe.

"If you're going to buy a 'senior miner' in the gold sector, this is the stock you want to own," said Bill.

Check out the video below, where Bill shares with you how to play this "perfect storm" in gold with this stock right now. You don't want to miss this.

- Source, Money Morning