Sunday, March 29, 2015

Is The Worst Over for Crude Oil?

The US asked Saudi Arabia to dump crude oil, which added pressure on Iran and Russia. So, the fall in crude prices is more political than economic while US crude supplies have gone up. Everywhere around the world, crude reserves have gone down and I don't know till when these artificial supplies of crude will continue. Now, if Iran and Russia come to a deal with the West, crude prices will start going up. Crude prices have to do more with the global political development than anything else.

- Jim Rogers via a recent ET interview

Thursday, March 26, 2015

What can India do to retain the interest among foreign investors?

India must open its economy more. The major problem about the economy is it's overprotected, and it's one of the reasons why India is not growing as fast as it should be. To buy Indian shares is not easy as it's overprotected and there is a need to change. The authorities should make the currency convertible and the markets open and get away with a lot of regulations and control. Otherwise, India will never live up to its potential.

- Source, Jim Rogers via ET

Monday, March 23, 2015

Signs of global investors losing patience with India

The current mood of global investors about Indian stock and bond markets is that they are happy. They are confident about India as there is a lot of money floating around. It's the first time in world history that all major central banks of the world are printing lots of money. Japan, Europe, Great Britain, the US are printing money, and that has never happened before, thus there is a huge amount of liquidity. A lot of things are going around the global stock markets, including India. That's why the mood is wonderful among foreign investors. But, one should remember that it's all artificial and cannot last for long. The next time we are going to have an economic problem in the world, it's going to be much worse because there is artificial money floating around, the debt levels of countries are rising while central banks are also managing much more debt. There is going to be much more pain for all of us in the end if artificial money keeps floating like this.

- Source, Jim Rogers via ET

Friday, March 20, 2015

Gold Correction to Continue Into 2015

This week, we are joined by none other than Mr. Jim Rogers. Jim was the co-founder of the legendary Quantum Fund, which he ran together with George Soros, some 35 years ago. Jim has been very successful as an investor, and has many bestselling books to his name. Joining us from Singapore, where he lives with his wife and family, we were able to get his opinion on many of the big questions facing investors today.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Base metals can be a good buy: Jim Rogers

In an interview with ET NOW, U.S. investor Jim Rogers says he is not a buyer in gold at the moment and is hedging funds as of now. Rogers, the author of “Street Smarts: Adventures On The Road And In The Markets” also says base metals can be a good buy currently.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Raw footage of Jim Rogers interview - The Bubble film

The Bubble is a feature length documentary that ask those who predicted the greatest recession since the Great Depression, why did it happen and what are we facing? The documentary is an adaptation of Tom Woods' New York Times bestseller Meltdown. Filmmaker Jimmy Morrison is releasing each interview in full for free before the film's release.

- Source, The Bubble Film

Monday, March 2, 2015

Korea Today - Special Talks with Jim Rogers in Singapore

Special Talks with Jim Rogers in Singapore
The Chairman of Rogers Holdings said, "I would like to put all of my money into Korea once it begins reunification." We met with the world-famous investor in Singapore to hear about why he chose North Korea and his insights on economic value of the country.