Wednesday, November 25, 2015

War Distracts People From the Poor Economy

It is true that throughout history, war has been declared by politicians or bureaucrats have used war to distract people from other problems. I’m not sure that it’s a conscious act, they sit down and say ‘Ah, we’ve got a problem, so let’s start a war’, or whether it just happens naturally, but in either case, there is no question at all that this is distracting a lot of us from the fact that the economy is not doing well. The economy worldwide is not doing well, and this is certainly distracts people, making them think about other things, and it might even revive – it would revive, some parts of the world economy. Not a good way to revive world economies; in the end, you destroy more capital, as well as lives, than you develop, but it has happened this way many times in history.

- Source, Jim Rogers via the Midas Letter