Monday, August 18, 2014

India Has the Worst Bureaucracy in the World

The new government has done a lot of smart things in its previous positions. I am still in a wait–and–watch mode as regards India. The new government still doesn’t control the upper House (of Parliament), so, the Prime Minister can’t do everything he likes and the recent Union Budget really didn’t do very much. India still has a lot of internal problems. Though I am not investing right away, I am keenly watching the developments unfold.

The one thing that would make me probably invest in India is if the currency is made convertible and makes it legal and easy for foreigners to invest there. Right now, it is very difficult to invest in India because the currency is not convertible and because it is illegal for foreigners easily to invest there. This is absurd. If India claims where it wants to be – that it is a great economic power, which it could be some day – issues related to currency convertibility, high inflation, debt, ease of investing have to be addressed. So, if the government does something on these issues, I will be very excited about India. You also need to cut bureaucracy. India has the worst bureaucracy in the world and I haven’t seen anything quite like it. If these things change, India could be a very exciting place for me.

- Jim Rogers via a recent Business Standard interview