Monday, March 3, 2014

The Serious Problems in Emerging Markets Are Going to Get Worse

A recent report, published by the European Commission, revealed that corruption costs the EU roughly $120 billion a year. That's around 1% of economic output. Where is the corruption and where is it squeaky clean? Erin Ade reports.

Famed investor and author Jim Rogers is a bull on China and Asia. He sees a shift in the economic importance of Asia, and has even relocated his family to Singapore - to be a part of it! But right now the emerging markets are a big concern. Erin was keen to get Jim's view on the crisis in emerging markets and she certainly does. Jim also gives his view on the US, European, Japanese and Chinese economies -- and the Gold Standard.

In the 'Big Deal,' Erin and Boom Bust producer Edward Harrison discuss money. What exactly does the pyramid on the back of a dollar bill symbolize? And where does a pound or a dollar really derive its value? Erin and Edward explain.

- Source, Russia Today: